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What Happens When Dental Chips Do Not Get Treated
Posted on 5/20/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
Should you chip your tooth when playing sports or chewing on a hard food item, it is important that you give our office a call. You may not believe that a chip is a big deal, but if your tooth isn't examined and treated, other problems may result. These are some of the dangers of failing to treat a dental chip. Pain and Sensitivity A severe chip in a tooth can be painful, and it can also affect your sensitivity levels. Some chips are the result of a cavity, meaning the tooth is already in a weakened state. Putting pressure onto the chipped tooth can cause immense pain, and hot and cold temperatures may also be painful. You may find it difficult to drink coffee or eat ice cream due to the vulnerable state of your tooth. Tooth Infection A seriously chipped tooth will expose the important inner structures of the tooth. This makes the tooth more prone to infections and cavities. Continuing on without treatment could lead to further nerve damage, and an abscess may form. This severe infection can be dangerous to the health of your tooth and the rest of your body. Further Breakage A chip compromises the integrity of your tooth. When the tooth has a weakened structure, it makes the rest of the tooth more likely to break. Simply chewing on the wrong thing could cause the chip to worsen, breaking the tooth completely. A broken tooth requires more extensive treatment to repair and may ultimately be more expensive than correcting a minor chip when right when it happens. Your chipped tooth might not seem like a major problem at first, but it is unwise to ignore it rather than seeking out treatment. Call us to day to find out more about how we can treat your chipped tooth....

Ways of Being Able to Tell You Are Developing a Cavity
Posted on 4/25/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
Whether it is your first toothache or something doesn't look right with your tooth, you may be wondering if you might have a cavity. In the early stages, a cavity may have no symptoms, which is why it is so important to visit our office for your regular appointments. However, if symptoms are noticed, these are some of the most common that you may experience. Tooth Pain Does one tooth in particular hurt, especially when you bite into food? This is a good indication of a cavity, and it may mean that the decay has reached the nerve. This is the source of the pain, and it won't go away until the cavity is treated. New Teeth Sensitivity If a tooth suddenly feels especially sensitive to hot and cold sensations, a cavity may be the culprit. Try using toothpaste formulated for sensitive teeth, and see if the problem improves. If it doesn't, you may need a filling to treat the cavity. Holes or Dark Spots In Teeth Staining of the teeth is common, especially if you drink coffee, soda, or red wine. Unfortunately, if you notice a stain that also seems to be sticky or looks like a hole, the problem may extend further than a simple stain. This may be a sign that the oral bacteria have created a cavity, and it has probably been untreated for quite some time. Chronic Bad Breath Cavities are formed by oral bacteria, and these same bacteria could contribute to bad breath. Plus, bad breath is often a side effect of decay, so if you have bad breath that doesn't improve with mouthwash, chewing sugar-free gum, and improving your oral hygiene regimen, you should consider a cavity. If you think you might have a cavity, please call our office right away. Getting an appointment at the first sign of trouble could prevent the cavity from causing a bigger problem....

Vitamins Are Important for Optimal Oral Health
Posted on 4/15/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
You all know about the importance of eating for your physical health. The better you eat, the healthier you feel. Did you know that the vitamins and minerals you put into your body are also important for your oral health as well? While all vitamins are good for you, there are some vitamins that are better for your oral health than others. Not sure which ones to eat? We will be happy to help you out with some information! The Lineup of Oral Health Vitamins There are several different vitamins you need to make sure that you are getting in your diet for excellent oral health. First, you need to make sure you are getting enough calcium, as calcium keeps your jaw and teeth strong and healthy. If you are eating/drinking yogurt, milk, beans, kale and cheeses, you are putting calcium in your body. Second, you need to make sure you are either eating red meat or taking iron supplements. Iron reduces the amount of bacteria build-up in your mouth. Vitamin A, found in many orange, yellow and green fruits and veggies, keeps your saliva flowing, which is important for getting rid of mouth bacteria. The B vitamins help your body remain healthy, mouth sore free, and prevents the build-up of bacteria. You can find B vitamins in wheat, cheese, beef, rice, spinach, nuts and milk. Vitamin C, which is essential for gum health, can be found in citrus, yellow and orange fruits and vegetables. Vitamin D is also essential, because without it, calcium doesn't get absorbed properly. Vitamin D can be found in eggs, milk and fish. If you have questions about how to make sure your mouth is benefitting from your great diet, why not give us a call? We can make sure that you are getting all of the vitamins and nutrients to promote dental health....

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