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How to Store A Dislodged Tooth Safely

Posted on 10/20/2018 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
How to Store A Dislodged Tooth SafelyDentists recommend that in the event of a dislodged or knocked out tooth you get emergency dental treatment within the hour. When your tooth is completely knocked out of place, you may be wondering how you can store it until you get into your dentist's office.

These tips can help you to properly store your tooth to maximize your chances of successful re-implantation.

Handle the Tooth with Care

Once your tooth has been knocked out, try not to handle it too often. Don't touch the root, or the portion that was under the gum. This part of the tooth is extremely fragile and can be damaged easily.

Rinse it with Milk

If the tooth fell and appears dirty, hold onto the crown and rinse it with milk. Don't wipe it off with a cloth or any other type of material.

Place it in a Cup of Milk

It is important to keep the tooth as moist as possible. A cup of milk is a good way to do that, especially if the tooth that was knocked out belonged to a child.

Put the Tooth Back in Your Mouth

If you are able to do so, slip the tooth back into its socket. Many teeth will slip in easily as long as you face it in the correct direction. If it doesn't seem to want to go, don't force it, and instead, focus on keeping it moist until you can see your dentist.

You can even put the tooth back into your mouth and store it between your gum and cheek if a cup of milk isn't readily available for transport.

We recommend that if your tooth is knocked out you get to our office within an hour of the accident. If your tooth has been dislodged, call us immediately to set up your emergency dental appointment.
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