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What We Do During the Earliest Stages of Gum Disease Treatment

Posted on 7/13/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
What We Do During the Earliest Stages of Gum Disease TreatmentMany of our patients wonder what we will need to do in order to treat their gum disease. Gum disease, as you know, is a progressive disease.

This means it starts off relatively mild and increases in severity as it progresses. The good news is that it is highly treatable, especially if we catch it in the early stages.

If you have early stage gum disease, it is important to come see us right away. We will treat it and help you get back on the road to a healthy mouth. Here are a few things we will do during the treatment.

Thorough Cleaning of the Teeth Above and Below the Gumline

The first and most important part of dealing with gum disease is to be sure the teeth are clean. Gum disease develops when bacteria and plaque deposits stick to the teeth and cause the gum tissue to pull away. So, to remove them, we will clean your teeth above the gumline as well as below it.

Cleaning your teeth below the gumline involves a process known as scaling and planing. We will use a special tool to remove any plaque and bacteria, helping to facilitate a healthy environment for your gum tissue to heal.

Close Supervision of Home Care

Of course, having great care in the dentist's office is only one aspect of your treatment. You will need to regularly perform proper oral hygiene practices in your home. So, to help with this, we will sit down with you and show you how to properly clean your teeth.

In particular, we will show you how to properly floss your teeth so that you are able to reach down below the gum line and help keep things clean. Between your improved technique in your home cleanings as well as what we do in the office, we'll have your gum disease eradicated in no time.
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