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What You Should Know About a Dead Tooth

Posted on 9/15/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
What You Should Know About a Dead ToothMost people are aware that their teeth can get cavities, can become broken or chipped or that the tooth may get loose and fall out. What you may not know is that it is possible for a tooth to die. A dead tooth can occur and is something you should learn about. If you know what a dead tooth is, you can also learn the signs that a tooth is dying and what you need to do to fix it.

What is a Dead Tooth?

Like many parts of the body, there is blood flow to the teeth. When there is no blood flow to a tooth, it is a dead tooth. The blood vessels of the tooth are found in the pulp. When the nerves in the tooth are damaged or stop working, the blood flow to the tooth can stop. A dead tooth is often the result of tooth decay and trauma.

One of the problems with a dead tooth is it is difficult to know that it is there. There are some signs to watch for that include the tooth becoming discolored. It is also possible that you will experience some other symptoms associated with a tooth problem such as pain or a bad taste and smell in the mouth.

What to Do
Once you recognize that you have a dead tooth, you need to know what to do about it. The first choice is to do nothing. The problem with that is that not doing anything will lead to more problems with your oral health. It is much better to find the right type of treatment to manage the issue of the dead tooth.

There are two options to treat a dead tooth. The first option is a root canal. This is possible when caught in the early stages. It can restore the health of the tooth. The second option is extraction. Removing the tooth will resolve one problem, but then you will need to figure out what to do about the missing tooth. Keep all your teeth alive and happy by contacting us to schedule your next visit.
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