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Talking with Us Can Help Reduce Dental Anxiety

Posted on 11/15/2019 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
Talking with Us Can Help Reduce Dental AnxietyWith all the talk of dental cleanings, effective oral care, and oral surgeries, dentists rarely talk about one issue many people face when coming in to visit, dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety can stem from many things, including prior experiences, fear of surgery, and even misinformation. As a team, we pride ourselves on making each and every person that walks through our doors comfortable through reliability and education. We promise to be here for any of the concerns you may have.

One thing that sets us above the rest when it comes to dental anxiety is that we have experience helping people overcome it. We find that people who struggle with dental anxiety can be helped over time by using the right tools. For each person, dental anxiety can come different areas of their lives, and we like to sit down and help find a solution with anyone who has trepidation about coming in on an individual basis. Below, we have written some tips that can help you get over your dental anxiety.

Tips to Get Over Your Dental Anxiety

From your first visit we can help you overcome some of the anxiety that you have. We suggest on your first visit to our office that you bring someone you can trust. It could be a close relative, a spouse, or even a really good friend. It is always good to have someone who can support you nearby when dealing with anxiety. This tip is especially useful for children who may be worried about dentist appointments.

Before your appointment, or even when you are in our office, try some relaxation techniques. To calm yourself down and get into the right mind, try some breathing techniques to help steady your heart and relax your muscles.

Lastly, always call ahead of time if you have any questions. We can always answer your question at your appointment, but we can give you reassurance of what will happen while you are here over the phone. We will always be happy to take the time and listen to your concerns.
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