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What Needs To Happen To Maintain Veneers?

Posted on 1/15/2020 by Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry
What Needs To Happen To Maintain Veneers?There is no better source of confidence than a healthy dentition. It gives you the confidence to smile and go on with your day. Sadly, a simple chip or break in your teeth can steal the shine of your smile. The good thing is that you can fix these dental issues in a diversity of ways, and dental veneers are among the best option for restorative dentistry.

The veneers are attached to your broken tooth and shaped in a way that they can match the appeal of the rest of your dentition. While they will give your smile back its shine, their effectiveness will only be as high as how you maintain them. Here is how to maintain your veneers.

Avoid Anything That Might Break Them

Sometimes, people might use their teeth as tools. For instance, you can use them as a bottle opener or as a nutcracker, but this is highly inadvisable. You risk causing fractures to your veneers with time, as well as the rest of your dentition. Avoid using your teeth as tools. Also, be sure to keep off foods that might be too hard. Although veneers are firmly attached to your dentition, biting on hard foods can make them loose with time, which can easily lead to their damage.

Take Care Of Your Teeth Regularly

If you fail to take care of your dentition, your teeth might discolor. Since veneers will uphold their pearl white appeal, they will stand out from the rest of your dentition. Follow our recommendations for maintaining a healthy dentition. Brush your teeth religiously and floss after every meal. Also, schedule teeth whitening sessions with us to keep your teeth's appeal matching with that of your veneers.

Your smile deserves to have a spark in it. With dental veneers, preserving the spark in your smile can be quite easy despite the appearance of cracks or chips. Feel free to consult us for more tips for taking care of your dental veneers.
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