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Implant Retained Dentures
Peoria, AZ

Implant Retained Dentures by  Dr. Mettler and Dr. Griego at Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry, in Peoria, AZIf you’re missing your natural teeth in either one or both arches, you may have experienced a variety of complications that impact your daily life. You may have difficulty speaking clearly or enjoying your favorite foods, and you may feel insecure or embarrassed around others at times when you would normally laugh or smile proudly. You may also notice shifting among your remaining teeth, muscular issues, and headaches. Inevitably, the bony ridge that used to support your teeth will become flatter and narrower as it lacks the stimulation from your tooth roots. While conventional dentures have been a great option for some patients, they eventually become loose and ill-fitting as your gums and jawbone change shape. We at Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry are proud to offer our patients a better solution. Implant Retained Dentures can provide comfort, relief, and confidence if you are unsatisfied with traditional dentures. Implant Retained Dentures can replace both upper and lower teeth, depending on your needs, and give you a completely natural-looking solution that is more comfortable and reliable than traditional dentures.

What Are Implant Retained Dentures

Implant retained dentures are a set of dentures that are specially made to clip or snap onto dental implants. They’ll snap into place securely and remain there all day until you remove them at the end of the day for cleaning. Your new dentures will feel strong, stable, and restore your ability to eat and socialize confidently. Implant retained dentures are often a cost-effective solution for our patients who are unhappy with traditional dentures. 

Often, only two to four dental implants are needed to hold a lower denture in place. Lower dentures are usually the most problematic because they must rest on only your bottom bony ridge for support and retention. An upper implant retained denture may require more dental implants, but, unlike traditional dentures, your upper plate will be uncovered. Upper implants are made in a horseshoe shape, just like a lower denture, and it’ll feel less bulky. Also, leaving the upper palate bare keeps your taste buds there exposed. With a new set of implant retained dentures, you’ll be able to enjoy a meal with confidence and the food will taste better!

There are many options for the exact type of implant retained denture that may be right for you, including bar-attachment, locator-attached, and screw-retained. Each comes with its certain benefits, but all will clip your dentures in place and keep them secure, and each can and should be removed for cleaning each night. We invite you to call us at (623) 562-5230 to schedule a consultation for implant retained dentures and begin a process that could vastly improve your quality of life.

Am I a Candidate for Implant Retained Dentures?

Most people are suitable candidates for this treatment, even if you’re a bit older, so long as you are in reasonably good health. Dr. Mettler will assess your oral and general health, and discuss with you which implant retained denture solution is right for your smile.

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