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Same Day Dentures
Peoria, AZ

If you need your teeth replaced in a hurry due to a complete extraction, same day dentures may be the best solution to restore your smile. Same day dentures are just that: dentures provided to you on the same day as your extraction. This way, you’ll be saved the potential embarrassment and frustration of living without teeth. Simple joys such as talking and eating can become a source of anxiety for those without teeth. Our team at Mettler & Griego Family Dentistry are here to help. We will begin preparing your same day dentures before your teeth are extracted and provide you with the care needed to keep you smiling confidently.

What Are Same Day Dentures?

Like all dentures, same day dentures are removable false teeth that come in two separate arches for your top and lower teeth. Each arch fits onto your gums and looks and behaves just like your natural teeth. Dentures can be made from various types of resin, porcelain or acrylic. Each comes with their advantages and disadvantages, and we’ll discuss which is the right material to restore your smile during your consultation.

Receiving Your Same Day Dentures

When you arrive for your extraction, we’ll take impressions of your existing teeth and gums to recreate them as best we can. After Dr. Mettler or Dr. Griego has completed your extraction, we will insert your same day dentures, creating a natural-looking smile you can enjoy immediately.

Often, we won’t be able to check the exact fit of your same day dentures before your tooth extraction. In some cases, some aesthetic compromises may have to be made regarding spacing or structure. Same day dentures allow you to return to your normal life with the confidence of a new smile as quickly as possible after an extraction, but you should look forward to a follow-up appointment after you’ve healed from your extraction. During this follow-up, we can reline your dentures and fit you for custom dentures.

Caring for Your Same Day Dentures

After your extraction, it’s important to follow all the postoperative instructions provided to you. Regular check-ups and maintenance will help to monitor healing and greatly reduce the risk of complications. Components of your same day dentures such as temporary linings and tissue conditions will help create an optimal fit and may need to be adjusted or replaced during your healing process.

To keep your dentures in tip-top shape, be sure to soak them in a cleansing solution or plain water when you’re not wearing them. Brush your dentures the same way you would your natural teeth to remove any leftover food particles and plague and help prevent staining. Once you’ve healed from your extraction, be sure to care for your mouth as well. Dr. Mettler or Dr. Griego will give you specific instructions for the care of your mouth and dentures.

If your dentures chip, crack or become loose, don’t hesitate to call us at (623) 562-5230. Dr. Mettler or Dr. Griego and our team of experts are here to help, whether it be for a consultation, follow up, or other concerns.

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